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Forum Poster Pro { New Application}

Posted By : admin | Date : July 26th, 2011 | Comments : 0


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Forum marketing is one of the best marketing approach if properly executed otherwise it will blow right back on your face. In fact, almost ALL of the successful internet marketing gurus uses forums too to promote or hype-up their products. Guys like Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, John Reese etc. they are forum geeks also.

However, there’s a huge road block on this marketing approach as it will suck up a big chunk of your time if you do it yourself manually.
Just to think of maintaining your reputation by keeping track of your posts to know whose bashing you or your product is already time consuming… That’s for 1 forum alone. How much more if you are posting in multiple forums?

The good news is there is a tool that you can use to semi-automate your forum marketing efforts that can reduce up to 75% of your time.

introducing… Forum Poster Pro! A push button solution that can help boost your forum marketing profitability without sacrificing your time. Post to as many forums as you want and various niches and gain credibility in shortest possible time.